McTrollin' In The Deep

Movie Day // McChele
  • Tagging: Lea Michele, Kevin Mchale
  • Location: Lea’s Apartment
  • Time: Monday afternoon
  • Notes: <3

Kevin really wasn’t in the mood for doing anything overly strenuous today and he was making the most of the three weeks he had left before he started filming for Glee again. Not that he wasn’t looking forward to it, he just wasn’t looking forward to the early mornings again. He’d made plans with Lea for a movie day, that wasn’t overly strenuous at all, all he had to do was get out of bed and make his way to Lea’s apartment. He had a shower and got dressed before making the short trip to the shop, purely to buy snacks for the occasion, making sure he brought snacks of vegan variety for Lea. He was sure Lea already had movies planned out so he didn’t bother bringing any of his own. Next stop was Lea’s house which didn’t take long at all. He pulled up outside the apartment and grabbed the bag of snacks and made his way to knock on the door. 

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